Takeo - 8" Gyuto chef's knife

$ 99.00 USD

Takeo - 8" Gyuto chef's knife

$ 99.00 USD

The Gyuto (meaning "meat sword" in Japanese) is a Japanese crafted Western-style chef knife.

It combines the weight, balance, and thinness of a Japanese knife with the double bevel design of a German-style knife.


67 Layers of VG 10 and Damascus Steel, for High Hardness and Long-Lasting Sharpness

VG10 steel is produced in Japan, the G stands for “gold”, which refers to the “gold standard” that this level of stainless steel is considered to have met. 

Because of how well VG10 holds an edge and its ability to withstand rust, VG10 has become the most popular steel for professional chefs.

All of these relatively small amounts of other metals give the VG 10 steel its unusual properties, such as its ability to hold an edge and the sheer durability of the steel in question.

The harder steel means that these knives can maintain their sharpness longer.

It is one reason why the VG 10 label has been so highly prized among so many people, ranging from chefs to knife collectors.

V-Shaped Blade, Razor Sharp 8 Degrees Oblique Cutting Edge 

Thinner and sharper than the western knives,

This blade profile makes it more suitable for making long clean slices.

The more acute angle of this blade means it is sharper and will cut through your foods with more ease.  It can also make finer more delicate cuts.

Double-bevel blades are easier to handle than single-bevel and also easier to sharpen.  

Hand Protection Handle, Secure Hand Grip

This pro chef’s knife comes with a handguard shape, to protect your fingers for safe and easy cutting.

In addition to this, the Traditional Japanese Handle is much lighter than Western handles.

The lighter weight of this handle makes the knife feel lighter overall and shifts the balance of the knife closer to the tip of the blade.  

The lightness gives the chef a more delicate touch and control when cutting. 

Note: Every Handle is Unique! Due to the special manufacturing process of the handle and the difference in natural wood growth, the color of the wood will not be exactly the same. The handle you receive is not necessarily the same as the handle in the picture, it is not selectable and will be randomly shipped.


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