Kaori (かおり) Damascus Steel Chef Knife with Unique Wooden Handle

$ 99.00 USD

Kaori (かおり) Damascus Steel Chef Knife with Unique Wooden Handle

$ 99.00 USD

Japan is well-known for its samurai sword, so it's no wonder it is also home to a wide variety of excellent kitchen knives. Like the samurai sword, Japanese kitchen knives are world-renowned for their high quality and craftsmanship.

In restaurants, the traditional Japanese Kiritsuke knife is reserved for the executive chef only, as a sign of respect. With beautiful balance, power, and grace, your Kaori chef’s knife is ready to go on culinary adventures with you!

For durable top-quality sharpness and sturdiness, Kaori is crafted with a high-end Japanese VG 10 steel core and 67 layers of Damascus steel, using the ancient forging technique of folding metal.

Kiritsuke is traditionally used as a Yanagi (fish knife) or a Usaba (vegetable knife). Kaori is a versatile chef knife, suitable as an all-purpose kitchen blade that lends itself for the precision and detail of Japanese cooking.

You will love your Kaori 8-inch traditional Japanese Kiritsuke knife!

Every wooden handle of the Kaori is unique and color selection is not possible. Knives are hand-inspected before shipment to guarantee quality.

Why we love them

Japanese knives' blades are thinner and sharper than the Western knives, this lends itself to the precision and detail of Japanese cooking. This blade profile makes it more suitable for making long clean slices. The more acute angle of this blade means it is sharper and will cut through your foods with more ease. It can also make finer more delicate cuts.

Double-bevel blades are easier to handle than single-bevel blades and also easier to sharpen. They are generally more versatile, as many are designed for general purpose usage.

Product Details

Knife name: Kaori (かおり) Damascus Steel Chef Knifes
Material: High-end Japanese VG 10 steel core and 67 layers of Damascus steel
Handle: Comfortable ergonomic wooden handle
Blade length: 8-inch
Blade type: Double-edged
Origin: Japan

Maintenance and Care

We believe that Japanese knives have the best quality and cutting performance in the world, and we hope that you will enjoy the fine craftsmanship and sharp edge of your new knife. With proper care, your new knife will be your faithful cooking partner for many years to come.

Please do not put the knife in a dishwashing machine for cleaning.

Please do not leave the knife in water or wet conditions for a long time.

After use, please hand wash the blade, bolster and handle thoroughly. After washing, wipe the knife clean and dry with a soft cloth.

This knife is extremely sharp! Please use extreme care when handling and storing it.

Japanese knife blades are ground to a thin cutting edge for improved cutting performance and easier re-sharpening. Please protect the blade edge from hitting hard materials.

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