Kaori (かおり) Damascus Steel Chef Knife with Unique Wooden Handle

$ 99.00 USD

Kaori (かおり) Damascus Steel Chef Knife with Unique Wooden Handle

$ 99.00 USD

Meet your new favorite chef’s knife: Kaori. In restaurants, the traditional Japanese Kiritsuke knife is reserved for the executive chef only, as a sign of respect. With beautiful balance, power, and grace, your Kaori chef’s knife is ready to go on culinary adventures with you!

For durable top-quality sharpness and sturdiness, Kaori is crafted with a high-end Japanese VG 10 steel core and 67 layers of Damascus steel, using the ancient forging technique of folding metal.

Japanese knives’ blades are sharper and thinner than Western knives. With a comfortable ergonomic wooden handle and double edge blade, the Kaori is an easy-to-handle knife for chefs and cooking enthusiasts. The angle of the blade makes it sharper and it will cut through your food with more ease. It can also make finer, more delicate cuts.

A Kiritsuke is traditionally used as a Yanagi (fish knife) or a Usaba (vegetable knife). Kaori is a versatile chef knife, suitable as an all-purpose kitchen blade that lends itself for the precision and detail of Japanese cooking.

You will love your Kaori 8” traditional Japanese Kiritsuke knife!

Every wooden handle of the Kaori is unique and color selection is not possible. Knives are hand-inspected before shipment to guarantee quality.

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